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Evoplay, a leader in game development, has expanded its portfolio with the thrilling launch of B-Ball Blitz. This sports-themed instant game is designed to captivate basketball enthusiasts and casual players alike, featuring the innovative Golden Ball feature that significantly boosts multipliers.

Gameplay & Features

B-Ball Blitz invites players to step onto the virtual court, select their bet amount, and choose a country to represent. The objective is simple yet engaging: make jump shots while outmaneuvering the opposition’s defense. Success in scoring baskets increases the game’s multiplier, starting at 2x and potentially soaring up to 32x.

Players face a strategic decision with each shot: cash out with their current winnings or risk another shot against the tenacious defender to maximize their gains. Achieving five successful shots grants the maximum reward, adding a layer of suspense and excitement to each session.

The Golden Ball Twist

Enhancing the gameplay is the Golden Ball feature, a novel addition that randomly activates and advances the multiplier two notches on the progress bar. This feature adds an element of surprise and increases the potential for significant payouts, making each game session uniquely dynamic.

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Evoplay’s Commitment to Sports-Themed Games

With the introduction of B-Ball Blitz, Evoplay continues to demonstrate its dedication to broadening its sports game offerings. Following the success of previous titles like Hockey Shootout, B-Ball Blitz underscores Evoplay’s commitment to delivering diverse and engaging gaming experiences across various sports verticals.

In conclusion, B-Ball Blitz is set to be a standout addition to Evoplay’s acclaimed lineup, offering both new and seasoned players a fast-paced, multiplier-rich basketball experience.

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay, said:

B-Ball Blitz evokes the exhilaration of courtside action and the thrill of rooting for your team. As our newest sports-themed instant game, we wanted to enhance the excitement by introducing the Golden Ball feature, which boosts the multiplier value of wins.

“Our football-themed releases have opened up exciting cross-sell opportunities for our partners, bringing sports bettors to the world of online casino, and we are confident we can now replicate this success with basketball fans.”

Ivan Kravchuk, CEO at Evoplay