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Push Gaming has once again captured the hearts of slot enthusiasts with the launch of Retro Sweets, a delightful sequel to the 2023 hit, Retro Tapes.

This new game brings players back to a world filled with nostalgia, this time swapping the iconic audio cassettes for various mouth-watering treats and instant win coins, all set against a 6×9 matrix that utilizes a cluster pay system.

Gameplay Enhancements & Features

Retro Sweets introduces several gameplay enhancements that elevate the player experience. Wild candies not only aid in forming winning clusters, but also activate dynamic multipliers.

Each consecutive win involving a wild candy increases its multiplier by 1x, while additional multiplier symbols boost the winning potential, creating an engaging cycle of rewards.

The game also débuts the Instant Prize Multiplier, giving regular Instant Prize symbols the potential to create extraordinary winning clusters.

The beloved Cluster Links mechanic benefits from the sweet collector feature, an advanced version of Retro Tapes’ Magnet mechanic, which gathers all non-clustered coins, symbols, and wilds into a specific area of the gameboard.

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Player Personalization & Replayability

Retro Sweets enhances player personalization and replayability through the Push Bet feature. This option ensures the appearance of one or two wild candy symbols on each spin, with three required to unlock the bonus round.

This simplifies access to the bonus and increases the likelihood of accumulating more wilds, leading to additional spins, opportunities to form connecting coin clusters, and ultimately, larger wins.

Nostalgic Design Meets Innovative Mechanics

Retro Sweets combines nostalgic visuals and sound design with the innovative mechanics that made the original title a multi-award winner.

The game joins Push Gaming’s portfolio of notable hits, such as DJ Cat, Samurai’s Katana, and Wild Swarm 2, continuing the studio’s legacy of delivering exceptional gaming experiences.

Retro Sweets is a mouth-watering, mechanically rich title that amplifies the use of multipliers and offers more ways to win big. The evolved features are set to engage players and allow them to enjoy the slot in a variety of ways, tailored to their play style.

“We’re excited to be expanding upon the success of Retro Tapes and returning to the Cluster Link mechanic for one of our sweetest releases of the year.”

Senior Game Producer, Ihor Lozinskiy at Push Gaming