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In the context of a casino, the term “Rail” refers to the area that separates spectators from the gaming area. This area is typically found in games like poker, where there’s a space for players actively participating in the game and a separate area for those watching.

The rail serves several purposes:

  1. Boundary: It creates a physical boundary between the playing area and the spectating area, ensuring that only players involved in the game are at the table.
  2. Security: It helps maintain the integrity of the game by preventing unauthorized interference from spectators.
  3. Viewing Area: The rail provides a designated space for people who want to watch the game without disturbing or influencing the players.

In a broader sense, being “on the rail” can also refer to players who have been eliminated from a game or tournament and are now watching the remaining action. In some cases, friends or coaches of players may be “on the rail,” offering moral support or observing the game for strategic purposes.