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“Press a Bet” in gambling is a strategy where a player increases their bet after a win, usually in a game of chance like craps or roulette. This approach is commonly used by players who are on a winning streak and want to capitalize on their good fortune by incrementally increasing their stakes.

In craps, for instance, if a player wins a bet, they might choose to “press the bet” by doubling their wager on the next roll. This means they’re reinvesting their winnings in hopes of winning even more. The same concept can be applied in other gambling games where successive bets are independent, like roulette or blackjack.

Pressing a bet is a way to potentially maximize profits during a lucky streak, but it also increases the risk. If the player loses after pressing their bet, they’ll lose more than if they had maintained a consistent bet size. As such, it’s a strategy that balances potential reward against the increased risk of a larger wager.