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In Bingo, “Four Corners” is a term that refers to a pattern players need to form to win a game. As the name suggests, this pattern involves marking the four corner numbers on a bingo card. Typically, a standard bingo card is a 5×5 grid, so the four corners would be the first and last numbers in the top row and the first and last numbers in the bottom row.

This pattern is one of the simpler ones in bingo and is often used in traditional and online bingo games. To win a “Four Corners” game, a player must be the first to have all four of these numbers called and marked on their card.

The “Four Corners” pattern offers a different dynamic compared to the traditional full-line or full-house bingo wins, often leading to quicker games. It’s a popular variation because it provides an alternative way to play and win, adding diversity to the game of bingo.