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In blackjack, “Five Card Charlie” is a special rule in some variations of the game. Under this rule, if a player is dealt five cards without busting (exceeding a total of 21), they automatically win the hand, regardless of the dealer’s hand. This rule is an exception to the standard blackjack rules and is not commonly found in most casinos.

When the Five Card Charlie rule is in effect, it adds an interesting strategic layer to the game. Players might be more inclined to hit (take another card) when they might not otherwise do so, in hopes of reaching five cards without busting. This rule significantly lowers the house edge, making the game more favorable to the player.

However, because it gives such an advantage to players, very few casinos offer this rule, and it is typically seen in home games or informal settings. If you’re playing in a game with this rule, it’s a good idea to adjust your strategy to take advantage of it.