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In blackjack, “First Base” refers to the first position to the dealer’s left. This is the first player to receive cards and the first to act on their hand after the cards are dealt. The term comes from baseball, where first base is the first of the four bases a player must touch to score a run.

The position of first base can be significant for several reasons:

  1. Card Counting Strategy: For skilled players, especially those who count cards, being at first base can offer a slight strategic advantage or disadvantage depending on the count and the remaining cards in the shoe.
  2. Game Pace and Decision Making: Being at first base means you have to make your betting and playing decisions quickly, as you’re the first in line. This can be a bit more pressure for new players.
  3. Interaction with Dealer: Being in the first base position often means you’re closest to the dealer, which can affect the social aspect of the game for some players.

The importance of the position can vary based on the player’s strategy and experience level. Some players have preferences for certain positions at the table, believing it impacts their luck or strategy, while others are indifferent to their seating position.