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In roulette, the term “final” refers to a type of bet that covers all the numbers ending in the same digit. It is a form of “call bet” or “announced bet,” often seen in European or French roulette. When a player makes a “final” bet, they are betting on all numbers that have the same last digit.

For example, a “final 7” bet would cover all numbers ending in 7, which would be 7, 17, and 27 in a single-zero roulette game (European roulette). If it’s a double-zero roulette game (American roulette), it would also include 37. The number of chips required to make a “final” bet depends on the number chosen. Since there are four numbers ending in 7 in American roulette, a “final 7” bet would require four chips, one for each number.

Final bets are a way for players to quickly place bets on a specific set of numbers, and they can be an interesting way to diversify betting strategies in roulette.