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“Chuck-a-Luck,” also known as “birdcage,” is a gambling game that shares similarities with Sic Bo. It’s a game of chance played with three dice. The dice are typically kept in a device that resembles a wire-frame birdcage, which pivots at the center. The dealer rotates the cage end over end, with the dice landing at the bottom when the cage stops spinning.

Players bet on the outcome of the dice roll. They can wager on various outcomes, such as a specific number appearing, the sum of the three dice, or combinations of numbers. While Chuck-a-Luck and Sic Bo are similar in their use of three dice, Chuck-a-Luck typically offers fewer betting options and has a different layout. This game has a carnival feel and is known for its simplicity and fast-paced nature, making it a popular choice at some casinos and funfairs.