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“Banco” is a term used in Baccarat, and it has a specific meaning tied to the game’s unique dynamics. In Baccarat, “Banco” is the Spanish word for “bank” or “banker.” It refers to one of the key roles or betting options in the game. Players have the choice to bet on either the “Player” (Punto) hand, the “Banker” (Banco) hand, or a tie between the two. When someone bets on Banco, they are betting that the Banker’s hand will be closer to a total of nine than the Player’s hand.

The term is central to the gameplay of Baccarat, emphasizing the game’s characteristic simplicity and elegance. Betting on Banco usually comes with a slight advantage over betting on Punto because of the game’s rules. However, casinos often charge a small commission on Banco wins to balance this advantage, maintaining the game’s competitive and exciting nature.