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In the game of craps, the term “Any Craps” refers to a type of proposition bet that a player can make on any single roll of the dice. This bet is on the prediction that the next roll will be a 2, 3, or 12, which are all known as “craps” numbers in the game. Here are the key aspects of the “Any Craps” bet:

  1. Specific Numbers: The bet wins if the shooter rolls a 2 (1-1), 3 (1-2 or 2-1), or 12 (6-6). These are the only outcomes that result in a win for an “Any Craps” bet.
  2. High House Edge: “Any Craps” bets typically have a high house edge, making them less favorable in terms of odds. The exact edge can vary but is usually around 11%.
  3. One-Roll Bet: This is a single-roll bet, meaning it is resolved on the next roll of the dice. If a craps number is rolled, the bet wins; if any other number comes up, the bet loses.
  4. Payout: The usual payout for an “Any Craps” bet is 7 to 1. This means that if a player bets $1 and wins, they would receive $7 in winnings plus their original $1 bet back.
  5. Strategy Considerations: Due to its high house edge, “Any Craps” bets are often viewed as more of a fun or side bet rather than a core betting strategy in craps.
  6. Placement of the Bet: Players can place this bet at any time during the game. They simply put their chips in the appropriate section of the craps table layout and inform the dealer of their intention.

Understanding the “Any Craps” bet is part of grasping the broader range of betting options in craps, a game known for its variety of wagers and fast-paced action. Despite its simplicity and excitement, the high house edge makes it a risky choice for players focusing on long-term strategy.