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In the game of craps, the term “Aces” refers to a roll where both dice land showing a one. This results in a total of two and is often colloquially known as “snake eyes.” Here are some key points about Aces in craps:

  1. Rare Roll: Aces is one of the less common rolls in craps, as there is only one combination (1 on the first die and 1 on the second die) out of the 36 possible dice combinations that can result in a total of two.
  2. Betting on Aces: Players can bet on Aces in craps. This bet is a proposition bet, which means it’s a wager on a specific outcome in the next roll, in this case, the shooter rolling a two. Proposition bets typically have high payouts due to their low probability.
  3. Payouts: The payout for successfully betting on Aces is usually high, often at odds of 30 to 1, reflecting the low probability of this outcome.
  4. House Edge: Despite the high payout, betting on Aces has a significant house edge, making it a riskier bet compared to other craps bets.
  5. Role in Craps Strategy: Due to the high house edge, seasoned craps players might avoid regularly betting on Aces. It is often considered a “fun bet” rather than a strategic wager.

Understanding the role of Aces in craps is part of grasping the broader range of betting options and strategies in the game. While it can add excitement to the game, the low probability of rolling Aces makes it a less favorable bet in terms of odds and expected value.