Games Global and Fortune Factory Studios™ Launch 333 Fat Frogs Power Combo™ Packed with Exciting Features

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Fortune Factory Studios™, an exclusive studio under the Games Global umbrella, has recently launched the exciting 333 Fat Frogs™ Power Combo™. This innovative game introduces three distinct bonus features that elevate the excitement for players seeking a truly exceptional gaming experience and lucrative rewards.

A Vibrant Gameplay Experience

In this captivating title, players are immersed in a world where three lively and colorful frogs take the spotlight. These amphibians consume tokens on the corresponding reels, enhancing the value of their individual pots. Once these pots are full, the frogs trigger a bonus game, unleashing a dynamic gameplay experience filled with surprises, twists, and significant winning potential.

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Thrilling Bonus Features

Upon activation of the bonus features, players are treated to a realm of free spins. Blue tokens can accumulate up to an impressive 40 spins, while red tokens incrementally boost the free spins multiplier by 0.5x, reaching a maximum of 10x. Additionally, red tokens can trigger free spins, incorporating the accumulated multiplier for substantial wins.

Chasing Jackpots and Exciting Surprises

Gold tokens play a crucial role in enhancing the chances of landing one of the game’s five jackpots. These tokens also offer the opportunity to trigger free spins with the jackpots in play, presenting players with a substantial maximum prize of 12,500x their stake.

Enhanced Gameplay Elements

Mystery symbols add an element of intrigue to the game by transforming into random symbols before payouts are determined. These symbols may reveal tokens collected by the corresponding frog, intensifying the thrill with each spin. Wild symbols further enhance the gameplay by substituting for all symbols except mystery symbols, potentially leading to significant wins and amplifying the excitement on the reels.

About Fortune Factory Studios™

Fortune Factory Studios™, a division of MahiGaming within Games Global, was established by a team of seasoned professionals with a successful track record in both traditional video gaming and land-based slot gaming. Known for popular titles like Gold Blitz™ and Gold Blitz Extreme, the studio is dedicated to crafting engaging gameplay experiences with captivating mathematical models and stunning visuals that deliver remarkable outcomes.

333 Fat Frogs Power Combo™ stands out with its light-hearted and joyful theme and possesses a unique charm which will resonate with audiences across the globe.

“From the serene pond backdrop to the hilarious ‘ribbit’ from the frogs that get bigger and bigger, this game is filled with fun. Every spin has the chance to trigger one or more bonus features with up to 12,500x max win potential!”

Alexander Monsma, Senior Business Development Manager at MahiGaming

“Fortune Factory Studios™ has created a wonderful portfolio of content and 333 Fat Frogs Power Combo™ will be a super addition to our portfolio. Adding the immersive and unpredictable Power Combo™ to the slick and colourful graphics and gameplay is a perfect combination for players seeking a complete slot experience.

“The game has achieved excellent player retention numbers during its exclusive period, showing that players are already enjoying this unique experience.”

Andy Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global